What's happening?

Grace Outreach is pleased to announce that we are now @ 100%in the clear and will resume in person services.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to communicate the gospel and keep your safety a priority.

3.6.2022 Sunday Services 9am & 11am. 

Church Business Meeting @ 6pm.Dion's hangout following

3.9.2022 MDWK @Grace Outreach 7pm.

3.11.2022 Men of Grace Top Golf Event 7pm.

3.13.2022 Sunday Services 9am & 11am. 

Connect Groups Sunday Night @ 6pm.

3.16.2022 MDWK @Grace Outreach 7pm.

3.20.2022 Sunday Services 9am & 11am. 

Connect Groups Sunday Night @ 6pm.

All of our Services can be viewed on all these platforms:

Church Website, Church App, Youtube channel "Grace Outreach RR", & Grace Outreach Facebook 


9am - Service (Main Auditorium)

11am - Service (Main Auditorium)

            Grace En Español (Event Center)

6pm - Momentum Youth Small Group (EC)

6pm - Move Young Adults Small Group

         - Prayer Small Group (Main Auditorium)

         - Sunday Night Small Groups "Home groups sign up"




7pm - Grace Young adults Main building Room 205


7pm - Momentum Youth Service (Event Center)

         - Grace En Español small group (room 200)

         - Missionettes

         - Royal Rangers (GOzone)

         - Wednesday Night Adult Service (Main Auditorium)



6:45pm - Sunday morning worship practice


Office Closed

weekly schedule


Office Hours

Monday 12pm - 4pm

Tuesday - Thursday 9am - 4pm

Friday - Saturday - Office Closed